Origin & Mission

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The Olympic Club Foundation (OCF) and The Olympic Club share a name and both have a passion for organized sports, competition and camaraderie, and the positive impact they can have, but we are completely different entities. Started by a group Olympic Club members more than 25 years ago, OCF is a separate 501(c)3 public charity with a Gold Level rating from Guide Star.

We raise funds and make grants to non-profits in the 9 Bay Area counties that provide organized athletic programming to children and teens from low income homes with the belief that their participation in sports will enrich their life by teaching them leadership skills, teamwork, confidence, and perseverance among countless others. 

If it happens on a court or a field, in a pool or in a ring, our goal is to see all kids receive a chance to participate in a sport at any level. It is our core belief that participation in organized athletics enriches young lives and develops future community leaders.  We are proud to have impacted the lives of more than 225,000 kids participating in 40+ different sports at over 200 nonprofit organizations in the Bay Area.

Grant applications from eligible organizations are accepted each year on a bi-annual basis. The review process takes several months, and grant recipients are notified in September of each year. 

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“She would get embarrassed and lose confidence because she was struggling with her foul shot. We practiced and practiced while I’d tell her: day by day, step by step, you will eventually get there.  

Our last game, she missed her foul shots but nonetheless walked away with a big smile and said, “I almost hit it, I am so much closer!” She worked hard at her shot, but what she really succeeded in was building her self-esteem.
— Alameda Education Foundation